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benefits of providing group health coverage

More Affordable

When providing group health coverage the cost of insurance for each employee and their dependents are  typically considerably less expensive than it would be for them to get a plan in the individual marketplace.  The reason being is because the insurers risk is spread out over the entire group. 

Greater Access to Care

People who have health coverage are in a better position to obtain  medical care, including preventive services that may help avoid more  serious health problems down the road. Having health coverage encourages  people to actively maintain their health and improves their access to  services that may otherwise be avoided due to affordability.

Manageable Costs and Financial Security

Group medical coverage ensures that the costs for services will be manageable.  Employees with health coverage are protected financially from burdensome  debts arising from major illnesses or injuries. The need for medical  services often arise unexpectedly, and costs typically exceed what  most people can afford or want to pay.

Increased Tax Benefits

Any expenses an employer incurs related to health insurance are 100% tax-deductible as ordinary  business expenses, on both state and federal income taxes. Employees can also contribute to premium costs on a pre-tax basis meaning you can deduct the cost of premium from employee paychecks before state and federal taxes are deducted.  This increases the employees take home pay and lowers the amount of their taxable income.

Better Recruitment & Retention

Providing health benefits will help in your recruitment process and increase retention.  First, you will reduce the costs and time associated with having to hire and train a new employee when retention increases. There will be an increase of productivity and reduced absenteeism when your employees are healthier and therefore taking less sick days. Furthermore, statistics show that group benefits boost overall morale and enhance the atmosphere in the workplace.

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